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12/7/2017 - 6:00 PM  
Waiver Request to VA School Board & Request for Added Course (6:02 - 6:10)  
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We will engage every student.
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We will improve opportunity and achievement.
IFB - Research Projects and Pilot Program  
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Weighted Grades Pilot Request 10 03 17 (3).pdf
VDOE Response to Request.docx
Based on the attached waiver request made to VDOE on October 3rd, we have received an invitation from VDOE for Dr. Moran and Dr. Acuff to make a formal request to the Virginia School Board to waive the requirement to add weight to AP courses. This request may take the form of a letter and will be added to the Virginia Board agenda.

This will give us an opportunity to present our Profile of a Virginia Graduate work to the Virginia Board of Education to gain approval of our waiver request as well as approval of what we currently call “Freshman Seminar.”

Gaining approval from the Virginia School Board will be just on step in the process to remove weights from our high school grades. While the High School Committee and many counseling staff have advocated for this move, we will need to have a communication campaign to inform parents of students impacted by the change: students in the graduating class of 2026 (current fourth-graders).

We have chosen to implement this change with this class, because we currently have a fifth-grader taking a high school course for weighted credit.

Please see the attached response from VDOE based on our pilot / waiver request.
We anticipate no funding implication for this change.  
This item will come back on the consent agenda on December 14th for the Board consent to Dr. Moran and Dr. Acuff requesting the waiver and the course addition to the Virginia Board of Education. We will attach a copy of the letter for our Board's review.  
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Dr. Matt Haas - Superintendent
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Dr. Pamela Moran - Superintendent