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7/12/2018 - 6:30 PM  
FY 2018/19 Carry Forward/Reappropriation of One-Time Items  
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Objective 5
We will optimize resources.
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On February 22 and March 8, 2018, a significant number of pilot or one-time projects were discussed and approved by the Board as part of the 2017/18 fiscal year. It is anticipated that these projects will bring substantive positive impacts for the 2018/19 school year. One-time monies, identified from savings due to good financial performance from our self-insured health program, were allocated for these projects anticipating the need to begin work on the projects during the FY2017/18 timeframe. Many projects had substantial uncertainties regarding the timing of the work able to be completed by the June 30 fiscal year. Due to a variety of issues, including a delay in obtaining a final lease and delivery delay in equipment, not all of the following projects were completed by June 30. The High School Planning Leadership position is a one-year continuation of the planning for the approval and implementation of the full high school center concept as part of the FY2019/20 budget.

Pilot Center Furniture - $ 83,609.61
Pilot Center Technology - $156,810.00
LTE Project - $130,000.00
Visitor Management System - $100,000.00
New Web Based Paperless Management System - $ 40,000.00
HS Planning Leadership Position (continuation) - $100,250.00

Since the majority of these funds were allocated in the 2017/18 fiscal year, the unexpended funds will fall to fund balance on June 30. Therefore appropriation of funds from fund balance to complete these projects in the current 2018/19 fiscal year is requested.
As presented.  
Request the Board of Supervisors to appropriate the funds as specified.  
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Jackson Zimmermann - School Finance Officer
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Rosalyn Schmitt - Chief Operating Officer
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Dr. Matt Haas - Superintendent