Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 10/11/2018 - 6:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: VSBA Policies and Regulations for VSBA Delegate Assembly (7:40 to 7:50)
ACPS Division Objective :
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2018 Delegate Handbook_PoliciesResolutions.pdf
Summary: The Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) Board of Directors approved amendments to the VSBA policies and resolutions that will be submitted to the 2018 VSBA Delegate Assembly for its consideration in November.

Earlier this year, Ms. Callsen agreed to serve as the Delegate and Mr. Buyaki agreed to serve as the Alternate. Ms. Callsen will represent the Albemarle County School Board at the VSBA Delegate Assembly regarding the proposed revisions of and additions to policies and resolutions and revisions/additions to the by-laws that have been incorporated in the VSBA Delegate Assembly Handbook.

The attached are the revisions and additions to policies and resolutions as presented in the Delegate Assembly Handbook.
Funding: None.
Recommendation: Support or oppose positions in the VSBA proposals. Ms. Callsen will then vote on these recommended changes based on the Board's decisions at the 2018 Delegate Assembly.
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Jennifer Johnston - School Board Clerk
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Dr. Matt Haas - Superintendent