Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 12/13/2018 - 6:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: Work Session on Anti-Racism Policy (7:05 to 8:35)
ACPS Division Objective :
Objective 1
We will engage every student.
Objective 3
We will improve opportunity and achievement.
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Summary: The Albemarle County School Board is committed to establishing and sustaining a school community that achieves the division’s equity mission “to end the predictive value of race, class, gender, and special capacities on student success.

The Board strives to reject all forms of racism as contrary to the division’s mission, values, and goals. The Board desires a culture that embraces the collective responsibility to address, eliminate and prevent actions, decisions and outcomes that result from and perpetuate racism. The Board seeks to acknowledge the importance of considering these possible interactions while working to eliminate racism.

In their July meeting, the Board directed staff to develop an Anti-Racism policy. The above statements are examples of language in the policy draft.

The work session process will evaluate the readiness of the proposed Anti-Racism policy for adoption and establish next steps for this task.
Funding: To be determined.
Recommendation: To establish next steps to meet adoption expectations and implementation strategies..
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Dr. Bernard Hairston - Assistant Superintendent
Signed By:
Patrick McLaughlin - Chief of Strategic Planning
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Dr. Matthew Haas - Superintendent