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Meeting Date: 6/11/2020 - 6:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: School Board Salary Public Hearing and Approval (8:15 to 8:20)
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Summary: An elected school board may pay each of its members an annual salary that is consistent with the salary procedures, and no more than, the salary limits provided for local governing bodies.

The School Board has adopted the procedure currently used by the Board of Supervisors in setting its members’ salary pursuant to Virginia Code section 15.2-1414.3. Specifically, the School Board will establish its members’ salary by affirmative vote annually between May 1st and June 30th. Before setting its salary each year, the School Board is required to hold a public hearing and provide notice as specified in Virginia Code sections 15.2-1426 and 1427. If the salary increase is approved by an affirmative vote, then the increase will take effect on July 1.

The maximum salary is set by statute based on the County’s population according to current Census data, and may be increased each year by an inflation factor not to exceed 5 percent. The Board may adjust its salary annually after a public hearing following the same procedures used for the original setting of the salary.

Currently, school board members receive an annual salary of $6,907. The current chairman stipend is an additional $1,800 annually and the vice-chairman receives a stipend of $35 per meeting chaired.

The Board of Supervisors’ salary cap is tied to population based on U.S. Census data, and it has the legal authority to increase its salary by ordinance in an amount not to exceed 5 percent annually. The Board of Supervisors also pays its Chairman a stipend of $1,800 annually, and the Vice-Chairman a stipend of $35 per meeting chaired.

Typically, the School Board increases its salary by the same increase provided to classified staff. If the Board follows the same increase as classified, then the salary beginning July 1, 2020 would remain at $6,907.
Funding: Cost implications for the 2020-21 fiscal year depends on the amount the school board votes to set for their annual salary. The school board will also need to determine the chairman and vice-chairman stipend at the same time that the school board salary is set.
Recommendation: 1) Hold a public hearing on School Board Salary.

2) Set a Board Salary for 2020-2021. Based upon previous Board direction, the salary for School Board members for 2020-2021 would be $6,907 with a chairman stipend of $1,800 per year and a vice-chairman stipend of $35 per meeting chaired.
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Jennifer Johnston - School Board Clerk
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Dr. Matthew Haas - Superintendent