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Meeting Date: 7/13/2023 - 5:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: High School Center II Programming - Lindsay Snoddy (8:00-8:40)
ACPS Division Objective :
Goal 1
Thriving Students
Goal 2
Affirming and Empowering Communities
Goal 3
Equitable, Transformative Resources
Enclosure Enclosure 1: HS Center II Programming
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Summary: The programming for High School Center II is underway, and the design of the facility will begin soon. Quinn Evans Architects is designing HS Center II and is engaged in the programming effort for this new facility. The center is planned to serve 400 students per day at a size of approximately 60,000 SF. This presentation reviews career learning communities, CTE integration, and programming for HS Center II.
Funding: Funding for the remaining programming and design of HS Center II is in the FY24 budget.
Recommendation: Receive for information.
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Lindsay Snoddy - Director of Building Services
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Rosalyn Schmitt - Chief Operating Officer
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Dr. Matthew Haas - Superintendent